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How busy is your December? 🎄

December always feels like a month to wind down for me, it’s about celebrating and relaxing more than doing anything else! But I’m curious as to what other creators are doing (or have done in the past).

Do you spend... (More)

How to get paid using tip jars

With our tip jar feature, you can accept tips from your subscribers, followers, and anyone who appreciates the work you do.

Whether or not you already sell paid products or services, a tip jar gives your audience the power... (More)

Hi all! There's a new post and discussion happening around products and how to price them to sell online. Do you have some experience with this? I want to hear from you. Drop your thoughts, experiences, and ideas in the... (More)

Today's discussion: how to stay motivated as a creator when you want to quit

Hi everyone!

Part of what makes this community so special are each of your individual experiences that you bring to the table. As an online creator, many of us experience the generalities of working remotely, learning to share what we... (More)