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Adam ZainudinCommunity Guru
Founder & Digital Product Expert at Hustle Savvy

[Video] How to Create an Online Course Outline (5 EASY STEPS)

Hi creators! If you're thinking of creating an online course, you need to start with the course outline first before getting into the content.

Essentially there are FIVE main steps:

  1. Transformation
  2. Big Steps
  3. Small Steps
  4. Delivery
  5. Removing the Fat

1.... (More)

Skin Care Specialist

Hello Everyone, I have completed creating my Landing page, and need some feedback. I invite subscribers to visit Amazon for the book purchase - Esthetics Skincare Procedures.

🌟 Something new is coming next Monday! 🌟

Hi Everyone!

We're doing something new over in the Community Cafe next Monday.

Next Monday, 4/5, I'll be hosting a 1hr live discussion on platforms for creators, over in our Community Cafe. It will be a live discussion thread... (More)

Wednesday Check-in ☕️

What's everyone working on today?

This community is a great space for giving and receiving constructive, helpful feedback with other creators. It's not a competition- it's a community! And it exists as a place to find new ideas, inspiration, feedback,... (More)