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Product Marketing geek 🤓😅


This is a „Dude, this won’t ever happen to me 😂“ story like you know it from movies.

A few months ago some clients started paying their bills extremely slowly (some after 4 months, some still didn’t pay) and that... (More)

Haley C
Community Manager

Motivation Monday: Getting Comfortable with Instability

How do you turn fear into excitement?

Find out how parenting blogger Nina Garcia dreamed the impossible dream and quit her job. She blogged weekly for years, with no intention of it ever becoming more than a way to build... (More)

Haley C
Community Manager

Creator Story: Austin Saylor

“I just knew I needed to have a list. I was getting one new subscriber a week for the first year, but I wasn't worried about numbers because I didn't even know what I was doing. I just wanted to... (More)

Haley C
Community Manager

Monday Motivation

Today I'm sharing our most recent Creator Story again, as it is a story of optimism and overcoming in the face of adversity.

Take a few minutes to read this today, and be encouraged!

Fireproof Optimism