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Creator Stories
Creator Stories

Freelance Content Marketing Consultant, Co-Founder of House of Creators

What is the main media you use for your content? Text, audio or video and why?

We use text right now (including photography) but aim to start using video soon. We started with text because this was the quickest method for us to get started. I know that some people get started quicker with videos but... (More)

OlivyaContent Specialist
Content Specialist at ConvertKit

NEW Creator Story: Brandice Daniel, Found of Harlem’s Fashion Row

When you’re burnt out on your calendar, but not on your mission, what’s your next play? Fashion curator Brandice Daniel took an “if it’s meant to be” mindset that brought the biggest opportunity of her life - leading a team... (More)

Good Morning, Creators!

Here we go- a fresh week in front of us. Who's ready? 😃

I was reading our latest Creator Story this morning, and it got me. It's one of the best so far, in my opinion, and it will inspire... (More)

Why the Future Belongs to Creators

It's Monday, and there is no perfect time for a little inspiration!

This is Nathan's talk from the main stage at Craft+Commerce, last year. Take a few minutes to listen and get inspired for the week ahead.

You are a... (More)