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CK Feature Updates
CK Feature Updates

Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @Lavena Perry2, I'm afraid A/B testing is a feature enabled only in broadcast testing subject lines. A/B testing is optional and allows you to test 2 broadcasts subject lines against one another, within a subset of your recipients.... (More)

How to get paid using tip jars

With our tip jar feature, you can accept tips from your subscribers, followers, and anyone who appreciates the work you do.

Whether or not you already sell paid products or services, a tip jar gives your audience the power... (More)

Hey everyone! We are deep into planning for all of the exciting updates for the product early next year, and we'd would love to talk to some of you to help us understand how you are using ConvertKit. This will... (More)
Urgent change request on behalf of anyone who gets web traffic from the EU or UK: Hey guys. It's great that you've made the GDPR pop-up location specific (the one that appears after initial sign-up if visitors are in the... (More)