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Deliverability Defined
Deliverability Defined

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Hello! My name is Akos and I’m a Deliverability Specialist here at ConvertKit. Are you new at ConvertKit and want to reach the inbox of your subscribers asap? Here are 5 quick tips how to get started 1, Add and... (More)

A new episode of Deliverability Defined podcast is out now!

In this episode, we’re speaking to musicians looking to monetize their online presence and turn casual followers into fans and superfans. Learn to stay strategic with your releases, use Instagram to build an email list, and personalize content to incentivize... (More)

10 common email marketing mistakes

The latest episode of The Deliverability Defined podcast is out, and I'm sharing it here with you all!

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10 common email marketing mistakes

This episode is so good, and one you don't want to miss!

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Tuesday Deliverability Tip

Today's Deliverability tip covers the top takeaways from Deliverability Defined, Season 1. 

Check out it, and be watching for the latest episode from Season 2, which I'll be sharing this afternoon!