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Free Diver | Adventurer

Hey James -- I think this is more of a technical issue from the account settings of your client. If you have already set up a verified sending domain, then the second part <bob@convertkitaccount.com3> should not be there anymore. You... (More)

Hi @harisbinakram4

This sounds like it might need a little more digging from the team. I recommend that you send an email to help@convertkit.com3 so the team can take a look at your account. Please make sure to provide the... (More)

Hi there!

You might want to double-check if there's an exclusion for this 3rd email (please see screenshots below). If there is an exclusion, that might be why only 625 received it. If there's no exclusion, the subscribers may have... (More)

Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @dave_donoghue, I don't think subscribers will mark your email as spam as this still depends if they really subscribed from you as well as the content of your email/newsletter. Here are some articles that can help you improve your... (More)