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Feedback & Suggestions 💡
Feedback & Suggestions 💡

(Remember: our roadmap is not a time-based roadmap so things do get shuffled around sometimes.)


ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi Brian,

With Convertkit, they offer pre-made email templates that you can customize using their editor or via CSS/HTML.

You can check out these guides, the first one is for those custom pre made templates and the second guide is... (More)

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @Omkar Tilve10, you can trigger an Event: Date Occurs box as your webinar registrants could be opting into your webinar at many different points of time leading up to your event. Because of this, they could be on... (More)

Bookworm, Book Collector, and Loves Cooking.

Hi @ Valentina Caraballo7,

If you sign up through a form or landing page, and the double opt-in is enabled, it will send an incentive or confirmation email that needs to be confirmed to be part of your list.... (More)

Better support! Seems like if you have an actual tech problem rather than a knowledge problem, you're kind of out of luck. I