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Feedback & Suggestions 💡
Feedback & Suggestions 💡

(Remember: our roadmap is not a time-based roadmap so things do get shuffled around sometimes.)


Free Diver | Adventurer

Hey Rodrigo -- For the feature requests, we highly suggest that you reach out to ConvertKit's support so that they can create a ticket for it. I added a feature request in regards to your suggestion. The feature might not... (More)

Hi there!

Our new editor supports writing in markdown; please check it here:

Shortcuts for the ConvertKit email editor17

If you have further questions, I recommend you email help@convertkit.com8 to take a look at your account.

Thank you!

Starlight Mundy
Business Strategist + Launch + Community Specialist

I would LOVE to be able to get the URL of a landing page from the dropdown menu on the list of landing pages + forms. I am constantly sharing different lead magnets & opt in forms - but I... (More)

The email adreses from shopify purchases comes to convertkit but not the first names. how do i fix so the first names come to convertkit also?