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Getting Started with Deliverability Success
Getting Started with Deliverability Success

The Deliverability Report

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! 

The March Deliverability Report is out, and you can find all of the goodness right here. (Note: ConvertKit sent over 1 billion messages in March.) 

ConvertKit’s March 2020 Deliverability Report

Tuesday Tips: Alyssa's Deliverability Tip

This week our deliverability specialist, Alyssa, talks about how to protect your deliverability by keeping your list clean! Don't miss this one. 

Also included: a cameo by Percy The Cat. 

Watch today's tip! 

ConvertKit’s February 2020 Deliverability Report

One of our values at ConvertKit is to work in public.

We strive for transparency, which is why we share information that is typically kept private, such as our finances.

One commonly asked question by creators looking for a... (More)

ConvertKit’s January 2020 Deliverability Report

The January Deliverability report is now available on Tradecraft! 

You can find it and all of its excellent information right here. 

Read the report!