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Hello everyone, I'm so glade to be part of this community. Thanks Convertkit for this opportunity. I have a question? I have a landing page to promote my free workshop, when people click on it and send their name and... (More)
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Neil Benson
I teach Scrum to Microsoft Business Applications professionals
I want to send my students an automated email each time they complete a section. Zenler adds a ConvertKit tag to the student's subscriber record when they complete the last lesson in each section. It seems I have to create... (More)
Andy Gibson
Analytics consultant | Adjunct professor | Online business & marketing educator
For any entrepreneurs wanting to get started with Google Analytics, I made a free online mini course to help you out! You can sign up here: Also, any feedback on the course and videos would be highly appreciated as... (More)
Product Marketing geek 🤓😅
I've recently been very little in this community and wanted to say that I still love this community, but just hadn't the time 😪 We're creating a completely new brand with my wife (means the branding, content, research, strategy etc.... (More)