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How To Run Multiple Sequences At One Time
How To Run Multiple Sequences At One Time

How to send emails effectively without overwhelming your subscribers!

No one likes an overloaded inbox

If you have an existing Subscriber already in the midst of your Welcome Sequence, and then they opt in for your ConvertKit Cheatsheet Sequence, you might want to pause the Welcome Sequence until... (More)

OlivyaContent Specialist
Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @Ben Branam4, sorry for the trouble! That definitely shouldn't be happening, but it's difficult to pinpoint the source of the issue without taking a look at your account. In this case it would be best if you reached... (More)

Blair WadmanCommunity Moderator
Email Automation Consultant, Web Developer, Educator

Normally a subscriber will only be in one sequence added from any one automation a time. The reason being that they are effectively paused in the automation until they complete the sequence, and then they continue.

With your automation, the... (More)

Tuesday Tip: Sales Sequence

Happy Tuesday, All!Β 

Today's tip comes from as she walks us through how to set up a simple sales sequence in Visual Automations!Β 

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