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Quick Tips

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Hi Toni! If you're using wordpress you can try out Dynamic Content:

Eg set up a paid newsletter that contains a link to your page. Embed your video in it but show that video only to people that have... (More)

Ok so i sent an email to be send to anyone after a certain date but I for to set the before a certain date so it's now sending to any new subsciber. How do I delete that email or... (More)
Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @Kristian Hauge4, apologies for now as we only support USD as our currency but don't worry as I'll go ahead and post this as a feature-request and let's hope our engineering team will make this happen soon. Thank... (More)

Landing page tip of the week ☝️

If you're ready to sell your first (or newest) product, and you'd like a little inspiration for a landing page, this tip is exactly what you need.

Check out Angel's quick tips for building a brilliant product landing page and... (More)