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Building Email Courses
Building Email Courses
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Are you building a course or would like to but haven't started yet? This group can help! 

  • Ask questions
  • Find ideas and inspiration
  • Meet others who are working on courses themselves
  • Learn how to earn a living online with courses

50+ profitable online course ideas you can launch in 2021 (and how to find your ideal course topic)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This is a brand new article from Tradecraft all about course ideas for 2021. Whether you're looking for your first course idea, or need a fresh perspective, this guide should be inspiring.

I hope you enjoy it!... (More)

Email Signature

I am wanting to add a more detailed email signature in all my emails sent to my list. I have created an email template with all my social media icons but I would also like to include a small image... (More)

Digital Growth Strategist

Hi All!

Hi all, my name is Kendra and I've been a ConvertKit user for a few months now.

I just launched my monthly membership through Teachable.

Please check it out!

I'm very happy to be a part of this group!... (More)

Hi. I am Kamran, a new ConvertKit user and just joined this group. Starting to build a course on Teachable. Wanted to say hi.