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Asha replied 5 hours ago
Angel Marie Creator Educator
Creator Educator at ConvertKit

Free workshop + discussion thread: how to start a successful online coaching business

Are you having trouble figuring out how to start or run a coaching business? Not sure how to attract the right kind of clients?

Let's talk about it! This is our discussion thread about launching a coaching business that both... (More)

Chris liked a day ago
Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Hey Joanna!! I'm an online fitness and nutrition coach, still pretty new on the scene. Depending on how comprehensive (and how long) your program is, I wouldn't go under $1200. I have a 12 week program that includes a core... (More)

Justine commented 8 days ago
Justine commented 16 days ago
Co-founder of Scrap Arts Music
I guess no workshop today?