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Welcome to the ConvertKit Workshops community group!

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Workshops 🎙

Each week, before a new workshop, Angel will post the workshop link, topic, and discussion thread. You can ask questions to be included in that week's workshop, meet other workshop attendees, and follow up from the workshop in the discussion thread as Angel responds to your questions personally! 

This is a fun group and one that will help support you in learning features, best practices, and industry knowledge for creators. 

Creator Education 💡

Our goal is to provide you, the creator, with mission-driven education and resources to support you in reaching your goals. Check out the following links to further your knowledge and skills as an online creator! 


🌟ConvertKit Resources🌟

As a thank you for attending our workshops, we wanted to give you direct access to additional FREE resources that can help you start or grow your business. Click on those resources down below. Enjoy! 

Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja

Hi Sophie!

Firstly, congrats on offering your online course!

Secondly, if your content is solid and you help people achieve an outcome, nothing is expensive if it gives enough value. People pay when they see it's worth the money, whatever... (More)

Haley commented 9 hours ago
First, I truly enjoyed last Thursday's "Monetization Workshop!" I found every word and slide to be outstanding and very informative. However, I have not received confirmed emails from my landing page, nor have several of my prospects who want to... (More)
Bookworm, Book Collector, and Loves Cooking.

Hi @Emme 

You can create email templates on your account to customize and personalize your emails. You can check this guide for more information. 

edingtonwilliam liked 2 days ago
I've loved Angel Marie's workshops and trainings on Creating a Landing Page, which I just did - yay me! I have my sights on scaling my business to 6-figures and beyond so I'm ready to soak up everything she teaches!... (More)