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Creator Education & Workshops
Creator Education & Workshops
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Workshops and Creator Education 🎙

Our goal is to provide you, the creator, with mission-driven education and resources to support you in reaching your goals. Check out the following links to further your knowledge and skills as an online creator! 


Workshop gifts🌟

As a thank you for attending our workshops, we wanted to give you direct access to additional resources that can help you start or grow your business. Click on those resources down below. Enjoy! 

Access your free resources down below! 

Free Diver | Adventurer

Hey there -- As far as I know, the "AVG OPEN RATE" formula is Open rate = (total unique opens ÷ total recipients) x 100, so that might be the reason why it's not clickable since it's calculating the open... (More)

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi @Yvon Stokkink27 with Convertkit there is not option yet to set up a notification when someone signs up.

While they are still working on this feature they have a workaround via Zapier.You28 can check this guide "How to... (More)24

Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @Anikka Masey17, you can edit/customize the incentive email with the coupon code you're giving away. In the form/landing page settings, you need to click on incentive email>edit email contents.

You can also refer to this article for additional... (More)

Hi there,

The link to the NON-expired replay has been emailed to all workshop registrants. If you did not register for the workshop or can't find that email and would like to access the replay, you can access this replay... (More)