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Creators coming together is a powerful force for good. 

Welcome to the community built by creators for creators! 

Start a conversation or a discussion about a specific topic of interest, and don't be shy about sharing your own experiences. 

This group is not for sharing sales pitches, ads, etc. We want to see your work! Share with kindness and thoughtfulness. 

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Check out the post below for how to get the most out of this group! 👇

🌟Welcome to the Creator Community!🌟

Welcome to the best community made by creators, for creators. 😍

Comment in the thread with your name and a little about your work👇🎉

  • Share a little about who you are and what you do as a creator (tag it... (More)

This is one of the most frequently asked questions because these two terms appear to overlap. Let's look at the differences between payment processors and payment gateways.

A payment processor is a financial institution or company that relays payments between... (More)

Virtual Retreat for Moms in Business

Hi all, I'm giving a talk about using email to build connection and community with your subscribers at the Boss Mom Virtual Retreat in September, and I'd love for you to attend. If you're a mom with a business or... (More)

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi there!

If you are using Mighty Network to grow your list but want to import them to your Convertkit so you can set up workflows and send email sequences, our current option is also via Zapier.

They do not... (More)