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Creators coming together is a powerful force for good. 

Welcome to the community built by creators for creators! 

Start a conversation or a discussion about a specific topic of interest, and don't be shy about sharing your own experiences. 

This group is not for sharing sales pitches, ads, etc. We want to see your work! Share with kindness and thoughtfulness. 

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Check out the post below for how to get the most out of this group! 👇

Haley replied 2 days ago

🌟Welcome to the community Creator Hub!🌟

Every community needs a place to come together and connect. Whether that's over your current creative project, seeking advice from other creators, celebrating a win (big or small!), or finding that vitally important sense of belonging, have that space of... (More)

Christine liked 11 hours ago

End of the year celebrations thread 🙌🎓🎉🌟

This year has absolutely flown by, and for better or worse we are here at the end of it.

Let's celebrate the wins from this year!

What win(s) did you experience this year as a creator?

Where were you successful?... (More)

Hi Toni! If you're using wordpress you can try out Dynamic Content:

Eg set up a paid newsletter that contains a link to your page. Embed your video in it but show that video only to people that have... (More)

Bilquis liked 5 hours ago
Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @Lavena Perry2, I'm afraid A/B testing is a feature enabled only in broadcast testing subject lines. A/B testing is optional and allows you to test 2 broadcasts subject lines against one another, within a subset of your recipients.... (More)