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Creator Connection
Creator Connection
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This group is here for you to connect with other creators. 

Share what you're working on, what your struggles are, where you need support, celebrate your wins, and meet others on this same journey of being a creator online. 

Prompts will be posted as well, to help start conversation, so please jump in! 

This group is not for sharing sales pitches, ads, etc. We want to see your work! Share with kindness and thoughtfulness.

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The one where they shared their work in public 🎉🎙😍

Being part of this community means you have a safe and supportive space where you can ask questions, find answers and resources, and share what you're working on!

Let's use this thread to share our current projects.

You can ask... (More)

Tom Barrett
Writer, coach and consultant - Dialogic Learning
Hi all hope the weekend is going well for you - it is nearly over here in Australia. I wanted to share some progress I have made today with a new look newsletter signup page. I wanted to communicate... (More)
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I love this question, @Sai Montes6! I think for me, in terms of keeping my side hustle going consistently, it's fighting to make the time. 

What about you?