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Landing Page Mastermind
Landing Page Mastermind
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This group is for community members to work on landing pages together, and support one another through the test launch of new ideas! 

Whether you're prepping to test a new idea with your audience, just getting started building your fan base, or setting the stage to participate in the next ConvertKit challenge, this group is here to provide connections, feedback, and accountability. 

🌟Group Goals🌟

  • Help provide ideas 
  • Give constructive feedback 
  • Support new landing page testing 
  • Collaborate on group member's landing page launches 
  • Ask questions and help provide answers 

Share your next big idea with a landing page and receive the support, feedback, and collaboration you need to be successful! 


Interested in talking more about landing pages?

Hi everyone!

Today, 12/2, we have our group office hours call, and today's topic is landing pages.

If you'd like to join, head over to the Product Chats group and register using the link at the top. We'd love to... (More)

Haley replied 5 days ago

Landing page tip of the week ☝️

If you're ready to sell your first (or newest) product, and you'd like a little inspiration for a landing page, this tip is exactly what you need.

Check out Angel's quick tips for building a brilliant product landing page and... (More)

kellyhendrickstherapy liked 10 days ago

Landing page tip of the week 🎉

It's time for another landing page tip of the week! 

Have a newsletter that you'd like to promote? 

See how to do that easily and in just minutes. 👇