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Mastermind for Designers
Mastermind for Designers
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Improve your process, your craft, & increase your worth as a designer... and do it with other creators like you, right here in this private mastermind. 

This is an inclusive, safe space for designers of all kinds to share what they are passionate about, and how they're growing an audience through their work. Constructive feedback is welcome from a basis of supporting one another as creators and humans.

Introduce yourself below, and share some of your work! 👇🏼💻🖌

Sharing a short video today from our very own Charli Marie, who manages our brand team here at ConvertKit.

🌟The best way to build your design skillset 🌟
Haley commented 5 months ago

Hi Everyone,

My name is Isla, I'm a London based table top designer and online design course creator. I started using Convertkit about 4 months ago for email marketing. I'd say I still struggle to make my broadcast templates feel... (More)

Welcome to our private community group for designers!

As designers, this space is yours. Please feel free to share as much as you're comfortable with around your process, projects, frustrations, celebrations, and day-to-day experiences.

I have been running a writers mastermind here in our community for awhile, and... (More)