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oyerindeadebayor liked 5 days ago
Neil Benson
I teach Scrum to Microsoft Business Applications professionals

My advice for all new podcasters would be to invest in a microphone. There are a couple of good microphones available for less than $100. I started with the Audio Technica 2100 USB dynamic microphone. The Samson Q2U is also... (More)

Jason replied 3 months ago
Jason ResnickCommunity Moderator & ConvertKit Expert
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 WFH Dad - 🌱 - 💌 ConvertKit Expert

Day Rates? Anyone doing them?

Yesterday, I released a podcast episode with Sarah Masci - Day Rates, Attracting the Right Clients, and Building a Business Around Your Life

That last bit is why I wanted to get Sarah onto the show. When I heard her... (More)

Haley liked 4 months ago

Organized Holistically18 is mine. I'd love to connect! I help entrepreneurs and professionals to develop, implement and streamline processes in both their business and personal lives so they have better work-life balance and integration. On the podcast, I talk all... (More)

Haley commented 4 months ago
Hello All! HOW ARE YOU USING the LANDING PAGE? I am new to Converkit. I think I may have successfully created a landing page for my podcast "What The Fockery?" - Please forgive this very amateurish question, but, how are... (More)