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Product Chats & Office Hours
Product Chats & Office Hours
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Welcome to Product Chats! 

This group is here to discuss product updates you'd like to see, integrations that work well with ConvertKit, and Office Hours with a product marketing manager. 

Feel free to share different ideas you have for using specific features, discuss tech stacks, and learn from each other. 

Office Hours are now available! 

We want to provide the best user experience for you in ConvertKit, and what better way to achieve this than to hear it straight from our favorite people- our customers. ❤️

We are offering two types of office hours: 

  • Group (registration required)
  • 1:1

Sign up for a 1:1 w/Frances, our Product Marketing Manager: 

To sign up for a 1:1 with our product marketer extraordinaire, Frances, use this link: 

Next group office hours: Coming soon!

Register for group office hours here to save your spot! 


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Bookworm, Book Collector, and Loves Cooking.

Hi Tom,

You can use the custom HTML for social links so you can use your own logo. You can check this guide20 for reference.

You can set up a system to recognize and attribute referrals based on these unique referral links. When a referred person subscribes, you can track the referral source and assign rewards or incentives to the referring user. The rewards can... (More)

Photographer | Multimedia Creator

As far as I know, there is no notes feature for subscribers, what work around I can think of is you can add a custom field mark as "notes" you can add data inside of that field. 


Photographer | Multimedia Creator


Yes, there is a referral system you can use, it is an integration with Sparkloop, and there is a free Sparkloop account when you have a pro plan account. Sparkloop integration is not available for Creator Plan. Learn more... (More)