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Product Chats & Office Hours
Product Chats & Office Hours
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Welcome to Product Chats! 

This group is here to discuss product updates you'd like to see, integrations that work well with ConvertKit, and Office Hours with a product marketing manager. 

Feel free to share different ideas you have for using specific features, discuss tech stacks, and learn from each other. 

Office Hours are now available! 

We want to provide the best user experience for you in ConvertKit, and what better way to achieve this than to hear it straight from our favorite people- our customers. ❤️

We are offering two types of office hours: 

  • Group (registration required)
  • 1:1

Sign up for a 1:1 w/Frances, our Product Marketing Manager: 

To sign up for a 1:1 with our product marketer extraordinaire, Frances, use this link: 

Next group office hours: February 10th 

1/13 @ 11a Pacific | 2p Eastern 

Register for group office hours here to save your spot! 


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Office Hours Discussion thread, 1/13

Today we had a great office hours call, where we chatted through questions about how to monetize your content using different features in ConvertKit, as well as how to expand your reach and grow your audience on different platforms.

It... (More)

Haley liked 5 days ago

How to use an unsubscribe survey to improve your email strategy

Ah, the unsubscribe button. We all know how freeing it is to unsubscribe from the hundreds of coupon emails we get every day, but it’s another story when someone unsubscribes from YOUR list.

The hard work you put into your... (More)

Haley commented 13 days ago
Nate McCallister
Blogger at
Definitely would love the functionality to export stats from broadcasts. I want to filter email results such as best performing emails, CTRs etc. It doesn't seem like it would be super complex. Currently I use Text Sniper and a VA... (More)