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The Best Support Group Ever
The Best Support Group Ever
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This group exists to help you find answers to all of your product & industry questions. No question is too small! 

Creators supporting creators. 

  • Post your question in the feed 👀
  • Tag your question with the topic #ConvertKitHelpForum 💛
  • Help other creators by responding to questions you know the answers to 💡
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Ready to make a difference? 

In our creator community, teaching what you know is a big part of the mission. The more you help others, the higher your reputation grows too! Ready to make a difference in other creator journeys while also expanding your experience and network? 

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auduyusuf liked 3 days ago

Welcome to the best support group ever! 🎉💡👏🏼😃

This group is exclusively for supporting all of your questions, right here in the community.

No question is too small!

So how does it work?

  • Use the "Question" feature to ask a new question
  • Use the "Answer" button to help... (More)

Hey Chrys!

Did you use visual automation for timing the nurture sequence? Did you check that the first e-mail in you sequence was set out to go out immediately?

My guess is, that you set up your automation to start... (More)

Haley updated a day ago
Just moved over from Kajabi. I have a couple of questions: 1.) it appears my import list included people who unsubsubscribed. :( How do I remove them? 2.) I have around 750 subscribers, but I haven't been very good about... (More)
Kaitel commented 11 hours ago
I may have already posted this. I'm getting used to how all this works. lol. I just migrated from Kajabi. I imported 888 contacts. 107 of those have opted out / unsubscribed but came with me in the upload. So... (More)