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ConvertKit Creator Support
ConvertKit Creator Support
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This group exists to help you find answers to all of your product & industry questions. No question is too small! 

Creators supporting creators. 

Here's how you can get the most from our ConvertKit Support Group: 

  • Post your question in the feed 👀
  • Tag your question with the topic #ConvertKitHelpForum 💛
  • Help other creators by responding to questions you know the answers to 💡
  • Tag your questions with topics for easy searchability within the community ⚡️

Teach everything you know.

Once you have the hang of things, feel free to jump in and help others as well! Here's how you can do that:  

  • Answer questions ☕️
  • Start discussions based on topics you care about ☕️
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Welcome to the best support group ever! 🎉💡👏🏼😃

This group is exclusively for supporting all of your questions, right here in the community.

No question is too small!

So how does it work?

  • Use the "Question" feature to ask a new question
  • Use the "Answer" button to help... (More)

How do I get rid of HTML in preview?

Brand new user. I am using a company template and when I use the preview mode, and also when I send myself a test message there is a large section of HTML visible at the top. I can't seem to... (More)

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi Nicola, to add your personal domain based email on your Convertkit account you will need to go to this page HERE17. You will see this section below > Click "add from address" > Enter you new email address>... (More)

ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi @ourturn11 it would be better if you reach out to help@convertkit.com13. They can check the form and the website and help you make some adjustment so that the form will show the (image + text) when viewed on your... (More)