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The Content Accelerator
The Content Accelerator
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The Content Accelerator starts Monday, May 3rd! 

Are you ready to start building consistent content to prepare yourself to earn a living doing work you love? Your time is right now. 

This 4-week community program is designed to help you create content consistently and launch a free newsletter to your audience. 

By the end of the 4 weeks you will have created: 

  • A newsletter landing page
  • A free newsletter
  • A plan for creating consistent content sustainably 

This course is for creators who have been creating content for their audience at least sporadically, and are ready to dive into consistent content creation and list engagement. 

While this accelerator program will not earn bonus money like the Paid Newsletter Challenge, it will prep you to start a paid newsletter, as well as other paid offerings, in the future when you're ready. It's time to invest in yourself, and your future. 

Are you ready? 

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Week 2: Zero in on your theme & create a landing page

Assignments (Mon-Tues) 

  1. Read 3 Reasons To Know Your Niche Audience
  2. Based on the content you compiled last week, and your knowledge, who is your audience? 
    1. Read Deborah’s story of homesteading for inspiration and courage
    2. Write down who your audience is that you will be writing to as readers
  3. Choose a theme for your writing 
    1. Share in the community group your chosen writing theme/niche

Assignments (Wed-Fri) 

  1. Create a newsletter landing page 
    1. Reference this article for guidance and tips 
  2. Write your welcome (incentive) email and include what your readers can expect from your writing in this space (niche)
    1. Reference How To Create An Email Opt-in for guidance and tips (sequences included near the end of the article)
  3. Share your landing page in the community group for feedback
  4. Share your landing page on 3+ platforms 
    1. Read 7 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page as a guide
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🌟Previous week(s) assignments & links🌟

Hi everyone!

I'm pinning the previous week's assignments and resources here, and will add to this post as we move through our program this month.

That way, if you need to refer back to a past assignment, you have it... (More)

If I understand landing pages correctly, and I'm pretty new to them as well, their main point is to convert someone who's sent to it (basically a sales letter). They are usually straight to the point with very little other... (More)

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Loving how engaged you all are here in this group, as we go through the accelerator.

Well done, everyone! 🎉
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Week 2 My theme: Brains. My people: I am writing to people who want to integrate spirit and science in their life. They want to better understand their brain so they can have deeper and more powerful insights into both... (More)