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The Growth Primer
The Growth Primer
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🌟The August Growth Primer is about to begin!🌟

Are YOU ready to jump start your list growth like never before? 

Introduce yourself and get ready because the Growth Primer is about to begin! 

🎉 🎉 🎉



sarahbourdet replied 23 minutes ago

The new Growth Primer starts next Monday!

A week from today, we'll be diving in together to a 21 day growth primer aimed at helping you jumpstart your list growth.

Are you ready to give it all you've got? 🎉

I'm excited to dive into this content... (More)

banguraaruna commented 10 hours ago
A brand new Growth Primer is coming to the community! Who's ready to jump-start their list growth? 🎉🙋🏽
frangollahon liked 4 days ago
Looking forward for the Email newsletter session :)
kwang liked 5 days ago

Final wrap up for April

We've reached the end of our 4-week April Growth Accelerator, and I want to hear from you!

First of all, congratulations on any amount of progress you were able to make this month. This work requires taking steps forward in... (More)