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Growth Primer
Growth Primer
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The next Growth Primer is coming soon! 

Each day's lesson will be posted each day with a discussion thread. These lessons are designed specifically to create that consistent creative output of work and audience building, and if you go all in you will see momentum and growth over these next 21 days. 

In the meantime, have you joined the Grow Your Audience Challenge yet?! 

Join here 

See you there! 🎉


Prashant liked 3 months ago

The final 3 days of the 21-day primer, and an announcement 😃

You have made it to the last portion of our 21-day primer, and the work you've done- the momentum you've built- will continue to serve you in reaching your goals in the days to come. Great work! You are able... (More)

Haley commented 3 months ago
The article on 2021 email design trends was very helpful, especially the part about checking email on the phone. I sent out my first newsletter this week and didn't think about checking it on my phone. When I did check... (More)
obadiahharuna liked 3 months ago

Day 18: Pulling it all together 💌

Happy Thursday, creators!

Today we are working on pulling together all of the work you've done thus far. Are you ready?

Let's dive in.

Today's assignment:

  • Refer back to this guide as you write your first broadcast
    • Add 1-2 eye-catching... (More)

Day 17: Design ✨

Welcome to Week 3, Day 17 of our 21-day growth primer! The work you've put in up until now is creating momentum for you that will continue to grow with consistency. That's what this primer is all about- supporting you... (More)