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The Newsletter Collaborative Group
The Newsletter Collaborative Group
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Ready to launch a newsletter? 

As a creator, it's important to deepen your relationship with your audience, and newsletters are the single best way to do it. Our brand new Newsletters for Creators course is designed specifically to teach you how to build a connection with your audience, find your true fans, and discover future buyers. 

Let's do it together. 🔥

Much like our platform, this creator community exists to help you - the creator - earn a living online doing work that you love. This group is for those who are working to build a newsletter. Whether it's your very first, or you're creating something new, we're going to unleash the power of community and grow together! 

Steps to get started: 

  1. Sign up for the course here
  2. Download the workbook (available on the course homepage, once you log in.)
  3. Comment in the welcome thread here to let us know you're joining us! 👇



Newsletter Guide: How to build a loyal community with consistent connection

Happy Monday, friends!

Today I'm sharing our newsletter guide with you. I hope it's inspiring and full of value as you work to build your newsletter, to better connect with your audience.

Let me know what you think in the... (More)

The secret to faster newsletter growth? It’s already in your list.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

This is a new article up on our blog (Tradecraft), and I thought it would be helpful to share here.

The secret to faster newsletter growth? It’s already in your list

Let me know what you think... (More)

Welcome Thread! 🎉👋

Welcome to the Newsletters for Creators group.

This is going to be a ton of work, and a ton of fun. If you're ready to take your audience building and content production to the next level, you're definitely in the... (More)