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Writers Mastermind
Writers Mastermind
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This group is for the writers of our community! 

  • Connect with other authors of all kinds
  • Find inspiration to keep going when it's hard
  • Share your stories and book ideas
  • Publish for the first time (or again!)

Writing every day. 

In this mastermind, we write every day and we support and connect with one another. Look for the daily posts and leave your thoughts in the thread! 

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Welcome to the Group! ✍

Who Are We?

One way or another, we're all writers. Some of us write novels, others blogs. Some are poets. It doesn't matter what you write. Only that you write.

Why Are We Here?

Writing is - by its nature... (More)

Haley commented 4 days ago
Haley commented 10 days ago
When you take on a writing challenge, how do you split up your writing? Tackle it all in one or two days? Spread it out so it's a daily practice? Let me know in the thread! Sharing tips and styles... (More)
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Let's create some content in January!

Who's up for a little writing challenge this month?

January feels so fresh and new, and can be a great catalyst for moving that creative energy.

This month, the challenge is 500-in-5.

That is, 500 words a day for 5... (More)