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Is there a way to do a double opt in for Shopify check out?

I have ConvertKit integrated with my Shopify account, and I know that customers can select their preferences for opting into marketing or not, but if they do opt in, is there a way to send them a confirmation double opt-in email?
Hi, I'm doing weekly reporting on sends. It would be really helpful to be able to report on a fixed time period for open rates, CTR. etc. At the moment whilst you can filter the number of subscribers at the top of the subscriber view, the data around open rate etc, remains as life time data, it would be great if all of this filtered with the time frame specified in the date filter.
It's April, have you written any goals for 2022? It's not too late.
When I try to login to Convertkit, again and again, for months now, I get this weird page, and I can get in, I have to give an hour or so, and get back to it and try again to make it work. does anybody know how to fix it?
Can I set up to receive product payments in Australian dollars AUD. My audience is Australian and will have a problem paying in USD
As a user, I would like email notifications indicating when someone subscribes to an email list or purchases one of my items. I like to stay informed and am not always in convertkit to see what’s happening. Email is where I look for notifications.
I have stripe account now. When I went to set up the commerce bit, it feels like I am setting up another stripe account. I don't need/want two of them... Am I missing something?
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I haven't checked them all, but the few of my older emails I've looked at this week, the fonts are all "funky"... what's going on? Every other line is bigger or smaller? It seems to have something to do with "new editor" vs. "legacy" editor? And in sequences, rather than broadcasts? Can anyone give suggestions for how to troubleshoot this easily and a quick fix? I don't want to have to review all of my sequences...
To make matters worse, how it appears in Convertkit is not how it's appearing as delivered.(see screenshots).
This seems to have started recently.
This isn't the first time I've suddenly had wonky formatting. It happened with forms and landing pages previously.
Any ideas?
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My Goals!

I've already written about 300 words today, but it's all been marketing stuff. It counts, right? :D

But for the writing I want to focus on, here are my goals for the challenge:

1. Romance Novel: I can't get started on revising my romance novel until I reread the whole thing. It's been so long that I just need some reminders on where I left off. It's only been 9 years in the making.

2. Biz blogs: I've got some blog posts related to an overall product I'll eventually be selling through my business, and I want to get the first one up this week.

That's it for the moment. I'm still just trying to get myself organized to even start this!
Hi Im new here. Is there a way to add product size/color options?