Hello writers! I am writing a 33 days of self-love journaling sequence to accompany a digital journal which will be gifted during my podcast interview.

I am currently accepting contributions and submissions in the form of a short (2-3 sentences) self-discovery prompt, challenge or anything that will connect my audience to their heart center so that they can find or connect with their own self-love.  You will receive full credit for your submission in the day's entry.

Topics of interest: Inner Child, Healing, Energy work, Astrology, Human Design, Higher-Self Explorations -and open to other suggestions.

Audience: Males and Females open to reconnecting with themselves as a means of creating a life/lifestyle they love. Both Spirituality and Neuroscience are welcomed.

Submission Details:  I'm accepting 10 submissions.  Please send me a private message to confirm spots have not been filled first  and please include the topic/prompt type you would have the reader explore.  Do not submit your actual prompt please, this is to protect your idea in case I'm unable to accept your submission.  

I believe having a variety of voices sprinkled in to the sequence will add a lot value to my readers and will expose you to a new audience.  You will not be required to share with your audience although that would be lovely.

I look forward to collaborating!