As the year begins to wind down, (where did 2021 go?!), it's important to pause and reflect on everything you’ve accomplished. There will be time for goal setting, resolutions, and a new planner. ;) 

First, let’s take a few minutes today, in this thread, to truly reflect and celebrate how far you’ve come. In the middle of unprecedented world events, and in the midst of your own personal struggles, there have been wins. Cause for celebration. 

What are they? 

Maybe you started a new business this year. Maybe you made your first dollar as a creator. You might have finally finished your website, or began writing that book you’ve always said you would. 

Maybe it was selling your first painting, sharing your first vlog, or writing a song after years of thinking you couldn’t. You might have taught your first workshop, or sold a new course. 

Today, let’s celebrate the wins that, while they might not appear big on the outside to others, deep in your soul, you know that they’re the biggest. 

After all, creating isn’t about the one big thing you do. It’s about all of those little steps you take, time and again, without giving up.