Hi everyone! 

I'm back with our second blog post, and while it's not a super deep topic, I'd like to discuss our workspaces. 

As creators, our environment can play a big role in how we work, how we feel when we work, and more. However, the importance of the space in which we work differs from creator to creator simply because we are each unique. What works well for one creator who writes every day, will not work at all for another creator who paints on canvas. 

So then, how does your creative work inspire and influence the space where you do the actual creating? 

For me, my environment plays a key role in not only how I feel when I work, but also the quality and quantity of work I'm able to accomplish. Here are a few things I need in my creative space to help me feel energized and inspired: 

  • Lots of natural light. This is a big one for me. I don't do overhead lights at all, thought a well-placed lamp is a must. Light doesn't have to be sunlight, though that's always a nice bonus. Working near a minimum of one or two windows, where I can see out into nature helps me feel grounded as I work. 
  • Plants. I love them, and the way their greenery fills a space. They're happy, they give us cleaner air, and they're good company too. 😉
  • A clean work surface. I know not everyone feels the same, but for me, the space where I set my laptop (and my coffee) needs to be tidy. I try to keep notebooks neatly stacked or tucked away, and pens and other tidbits organized in a container. (A mason jar is my go-to.) 

Time for your thoughts

Those are my top three must-haves for getting good work done in my workspace. Today's post is a bit shorter, but I wanted to leave room for what you do in your own workspace. 

What are your must-haves? 

What can absolutely derail you in a working environment? 

Is there something on my list that you disagree with or are more comfortable with? 

I hope you'll take a minute and share yours with me in the thread. I'll see you in the comments!