I'm a day late in posting this week's Creator Spotlight, but we're doing it anyway, because it's important to talk about all of YOU and the work you're doing out in the world! 

This week's spotlight: @Blair Wadman 

Blair is an incredible human with a heart to help people. He has been a part of this community since day one, and has largely helped to shape the culture we have around here of creators helping creators. 

He's a big fan of ConvertKit, and loves to support creators as they're finding their way in their niche, using email marketing and a solid belief that you really can work smarter not harder. 

Blair continues to take the time each week to answer questions here in our community, and I am so grateful for all he has done, and continues to do for creators. Blair is a fantastic resource for creators, and an even better human.

Thanks for being part of our creator community, Blair! We're celebrating you today!