Today's spotlight is super special because it's all about our resident Creator Educator, @Angel Marie 

Angel is not only the powerhouse presenter and educator that you all know her to be, but she's also a strong side-hustler. Her passion and drive to help others spills into everything she touches, and her heart is as genuine as it seems. 

Enjoy learning more about her with the answers she gave here, and give the post a like and a shout-out to help me celebrate her today! 🎉🎉🎉

Creator Spotlight: Creator Educator at ConvertKit, Angel Marie 

  1. I look up to Rachael Rodgers as one of my inspirations. As a black woman in the online creator space, she leads her audience with integrity, passion, and an overall desire to change the stats of women in the entrepreneur industry. She also prioritizes social change within her business, which I highly respect!
  2. I'm currently reading  a novel titled "when stars rain down". It's a beautifully written story that pulls at questions that are still relevant today regarding race and equality. Great read so far!
  3. The top 3 apps I use are Monday, Adobe Premiere, and Canva. Monday keeps me organized with my monthly content plan. Adobe Premiere is my video editing software when making short or long-form video content. And Canva is my go-to for creating thumbnails, Pinterest pins and branded content for social media.
  4. The top 3 skills that I admire in myself are the ability to teach in an influential way, mapping out aggressive yet realistic timelines, and editing photos. I LOVE editing Instagram photos with presets, and many ask me for advice on how to do it haha
  5. The biggest misconception is not having enough time to create the content. In my opinion, it's not about not having enough time, it's how you MANAGE the time you do realistically have. Whether you have a full-time job, are a parent, or have 100 other tasks on your plate, scheduling in even 1 hour of content creation per day is a fantastic thing. Wake up an hour earlier than you do to create. Right after you get off work, Schedule in an hour to create. After your put the kids to sleep, create. If you prioritize it enough, then you'll learn to manage your time to create content.
  6. My biggest advice for making newsletters more engaging is to lead with selflessness. Don't just talk about you, your life, or pitching them your product/service sale. Instead, how can you inspire them through what you experienced? What tips or resources can you give that will better your audience's day-to-day lives? What does it look like for you to give, give, and give some more? Serve your audience first and foremost, and the engagement goals you seek will follow.
  7. My journey as a creator has allowed me to explore new territory and step out of my comfort zone in ways I never would've thought. It's taught me what true authenticity looks like to the point where I can confidently show up as myself. Doing this has gave me a chance to further connect with people that need to hear my voice so I can better their lives. As a creator, our goal is to change people's lives. Little do they know, they're the ones changing ours by trusting us to lead them. And that, is a true gift.
  8. My one piece of advice for creators just starting out is to learn to be free from fear. You'll get fearful to put yourself out there or try something new as a creator. But once you work on breaking through that fear, you'll be amazed at the doors that open for you - doors that help shape your character and give you opportunities to become who were meant to be.