Are you wondering how you can grow your email list? 

Join me, ConvertKit's Creator Educator, in tomorrow's free online workshop to get the top 10 list building techniques to grow an email list of super fans and future customers! 

We’ll show you:

  • Why an email list is critical to your business and how to build one right away
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes creators make when trying to build their email list
  • The top 10 best ways to build an email list of true fans (who will love your work and buy your stuff)

This workshop is for you if:

You have an email list but aren’t seeing it grow or you feel stuck in your strategies. In this workshop, you’ll get real, actionable steps to grow an engaged list of email subscribers that are excited to buy your products.

And as a live stream attendee, you’ll also get a few special gifts from us to help you grow your list the right way!  You can register for this free workshop right here!