Our community grew to more than 13,800 creators this week. 

We are building something truly unique and special around here, and it's all thanks to YOU and what you bring each and every week. The support, inspiration, and collaboration is really incredible. 

Big thanks to @Jason Resnick @Aaron Hockley @Emily Mills @Olivya @Blair Wadman and @Andoni Villarreal Real for jumping in to answer some questions this week! 

Announcing April's Deliverability Report... and a brand new Deliverability Podcast!

@alyssa@convertkit.com has done a fantastic job compiling everything you should know about ConvertKit's deliverability from April, and you can find that right here. To top it off, she is launching a brand new podcast all about deliverability. All of the details are in the report! 

Creator Sessions are the best part about Fridays right now. 

In case you haven't had a chance to witness the genius, they all live here and you catch up anytime.  

There really is something special about watching live with creators from all over the world. The next session is coming in a week. I hope you can make it live! #convertkitlive #creatorsessions

Have you joined a group yet? 

This week's highlighted groups are 

Beginner Creators 

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Have a wonderful weekend! 

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