Thanks to everyone here for another great week. 

Our community grew to more than 17,400 members. 

Big thank you to several of you who jumped in to help community members with their questions! @Blair Wadman @Aaron Hockley @ryan @stephtrinder and @Olivya thank you all so much. :D 

Tagging has been updated 

Now when you ask a question or share something in a post/discussion, you can search for the appropriate tags as well. I organized them a bit more for us, so now our Tradecraft/blog resource topics say "resource" in front of them, and our product feature (great for questions!) tags are more simple. (ie "forms") 

I hope this helps you all tag your questions and posts. It will help everyone here in the community search for whatever they need much more easily! 

Creator Feature

To close out our week, I would love to see what you all have been up to the last few days!

What is something you created or worked on this week, or were featured in? 

Drop a link below! 

(As always, no sales pages, landing pages, affiliate products, or other groups.)