My name is Jordan and I created “Team ALL IN” as a means to help junior & aspiring designers, like you 🤓, and my goal is to help you enhance your design skills and understandings of how to start a career in UX/UI design.

My goal is to help junior designers become proficient in UX/UI design in order to kick start their careers and land their dream job.

My deeper aspirations are to aid you in charming out your inner-creative genius through taking action with our Design Challenges.

The key to your personal unique value proposition has to do with the things you find personally interesting, as in, you couldn't live without these 3 things. Things like movies, music, philosophy, video games, cosmetics, action figures, yearly visits to Comicon or E3... absolutely anything you found a connection to that you now can't live without.

Those are the triggers to your UUID key.

What's a UUID? It stands for Universally Unique Identifier. It's a common coding property used in various coding languages to create unduplicatable strings of information to identify a single account from the masses of past, existing and future accounts to be. Like a bank account or a social media profile.

How else do you think your social media profiles stay separate and unique from all of the other billions of accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. without ever getting the accounts mixed up? A UUID. I also use the term as a digital DNA to identify myself, as an individual from anyone and everyone else in the world in the past, in the present, and in the future to come. In my eyes, it's what makes us the most (U)niquely special, unduplicatable entities in all of the (U)niverse and it's what identify's us(ID) from all of our competition.

First, you have to "know the rules of the UX/UI Design game" then toss in your UUID. That's what you can contribute to the game that no one else can.

That's the secret to how you'll land the role you’ve been dreaming of.

That's why I propose to stop aiming to be a cookie-cutter designer and start using your mind as it is, where it is. Grow your mind with your experiences of doing the work.

The books and edu-ma-cation will always be there for you, but living only within the box hinders your ingenuity and inner genius, so instead, let's start challenging it to do more.

I set up a UI Design cheatsheet to get you started. You can also start challenging yourself by checking out the Team ALL IN Design Challenges at http://team-allin.com/design.

Start learning-through-action.
Many more valuable artifacts are coming.

Talk to you soon!

Jordan Robinson
Founder of Team ALL IN and What The HTTP?
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