Hey Convertkit team!

I am new to this and have a feature suggestion (I was told via the support chat tool - this is how I do it).

I am currently working on integrating a paid newsletter into my Convertkit. My premium membership is obviously going to have members-only newsletters go out. On top of that, however, I am including coupon codes to my courses that I host on my Wordpress site.

Now, if someone cancels their premium membership, I would LOVE for a feature that sends me an email notifying me that someone cancelled their membership so I can go in and revoke access to the course.

I have tried to work around this problem a few different ways:

- My course revocation would be via thrivecart. There isn't a Zapier "zap" that would allow me to revoke/refund via thrivecart when someone "unsubscribes" or "cancels membership" via Convertkit.

- I have worked a few hours now with a support tech trying to create a rule in Convertkit that works as follows: someone clicks a link (found in the "update profile" footer of the bottom of the CK broadcast that brings them to cancel the membership) and having that create a tag wherein I can go and check daily/weekly/etc. and reconcile if anyone has cancelled. I have found the trigger link ID and created an HTML footer in my Ck via the "custom link trigger" but to no avail (considering the link seems to change whenever you click it [see attached image for link in browser window].

Now, the feature that I am requesting would be a simple "membership cancellation email notification" sent to the creator (i.e. me) whenever I get someone who cancels their membership so I can go in and reconcile and revoke access to the course.

This is something that Substack offers (don't worry - I'm not considering a move over to them, I just want to use an example that this apparently can be done). It would help SIGNIFICANTLY my own bookkeeping and tracking of users.


If this cannot be done - what about in a metrics dashboard you just have a record of "membership cancels" by email/name/etc. that can be filtered by day/week/month/etc.

Again, this would help out SIGNIFICANTLY.