Hi creators! I'm Ru, mum of two exuberant, young girls nicknamed Petal and Sunray. I have always been passionate about creativity. Since leaving work to start a family I've wanted to pursue what ignites me so I can stay working from home.

I want to help creative mums reduce overwhelm, make self-care a priority and be more productive so that they can have more time to be inspired and to pursue their creative passions.

I have created a landing page (I'd love if any of you could have a look at it and tell me how you think I could improve it) and a free download- refreshing self-care prompts for creative mums. It features some creative writing prompts, which is something that I will feature more significanlty soon but essentially, my content is all about creativity, productivity and positivity.

I'm still searching for that creative audience. I'm considering having a group on here for my creative writing prompts, does that sound like a good idea?

If your're interested in any of the above as well as here, you can also find me on Instagram @Petal_and_Sunray