First off I want to make it clear that I think CK is amazing. It just has a few bugs.

I once lost three hours of painstaking composing because I changed wifi connections and it was saving to a browser window that was not connected, even though it said Saved Successfully each time after hitting the Save button. Thats a whole different story though.

Now I compose my emails in Google Docs, which autosaves and NEVER loses work. 

The issue is that copy/paste from Google Docs sometimes brings its own markup issues, like links not being underlined, no bolded or italic type, etc.

To clarify, I am pasting into the legacy editor because the newer editor doesn't have spellcheck which is like owning a Ferrari without a steering wheel.

Now being that I don't see other people commenting on these issues, I am 100% open to the fact that I am probably doing something wrong with my workflow.

Can anyone set me straight?

I love CK except for these things.