With our tip jar feature, you can accept tips from your subscribers, followers, and anyone who appreciates the work you do.

Whether or not you already sell paid products or services, a tip jar gives your audience the power to pay you for all of the effort you put into your work.

Though not everyone will be interested in purchasing your products, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to support you in some way. 

The best way to let them support you? By setting up a tip jar! 💰

3 tips for setting up a tip jar:

1. Share what their donation will help you achieve. If a little extra money would help you to create more content, let your audience know that. If it would simply pay for the lattes that help fuel your work, make it known ☕

2. Make your tip jar obvious (without being obnoxious). You want people to know that they have the option to donate, but you also don’t want them to feel pressured to do so. You can do this by mentioning it every now and then on social media, or by adding it to the footer of your emails.

3. Customize your tip jar with your branding. Make sure your tip jar is on-brand so that people can easily associate it with you. Use your brand logo, or try adding a picture of yourself - people feel more connected to you when they see your face!

Haven’t set up your tip jar yet? Learn how to set it up here.

Examples for using a tip jar

For musicians:

As a musician, one way you could use a tip jar is to host a private live streaming session of you playing a song or an entire set. You can share a link to the tip jar while you’re streaming and pin the link somewhere where your audience can easily see it.

For YouTubers:

If you regularly post videos on YouTube but choose not to utilize ads, a tip jar is a great way to ask your viewers to support your channel instead. Charli, ConvertKit’s Creative Director, does this in the description box of her YouTube videos:

For coaches and online educators:

If you’re a coach or educator who shares tips online for free, you’re essentially giving away mini-coaching sessions to your audience. There’s so much value in that, and your audience may want to donate if they’re unable to pay for 1-on-1 sessions with you. 

You can do this with a link to your tip jar in your social media bios, in the footer of your newsletter, and even embedded somewhere in your freebies (like the last page of a PDF guide) if you offer them.

What would a tip jar help you fund?

Tip jars are a simple yet effective way to increase your income. If you’re creating free content, you deserve to get paid for the work you do.

We’d love to know: What would extra income from a tip jar help you to do? 

If you’ve created your tip jar, leave a comment with your link so others can support you!

Don’t forget you can learn how to set up your tip jar here.