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I'm Jeanne, a Christian blogger & Bible study material creator & I also run an online community.

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Sherri Martinez
Sherri Martinez

I’d love to learn more about your blog  


Happy to tell you more! :) I spent the whole of 2022 doing a Names of Jesus study series, and this year am going chapter by chapter through the Pentateuch on Tuesdays, with a guided Chronological Gospels study posting on Mondays (this is last year's email subscriber exclusive study that is now getting published for everyone). I am using email to send this year's guided study again which is the Epistles of Paul and comes with a printable version each week as well.

I have been writing Bible study blogs since 2018. I also write devotionals, topical studies, Bible translation studies, book overview studies for all the Books of the Bible, book and product reviews relevant to Christians, and some additional helpful content.

You can find it at if you would like to take a look - I hope I am not missing a rule for posting this haha still trying to get into the habit of checking this site! <3 Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all.