Hi ConvertKit Community!

Yesterday, I posted about my "Polite Email Popup" plugin on Twitter and people seemed to love it! I think you might like it too. A lot of creators and marketers want a better way to convert visitors to an audience — by being polite, while also getting as many subscribers as possible. 

Here's how Polite Popup works:

  • If a visitor comes to your site and leaves within 10 seconds, nothing happens. They weren't interested in the site or its content, so Polite Pop doesn't bug them.
  • If a visitor activity scrolls your site for 10 seconds or more, a simple email sign up form will appear along the bottom of the page, asking your visitor to sign up.
  • If a visitor continues to show active interest in your site (visiting multiple pages and/or spending lots of time reading your content), then when they finally decide to leave you website, an exit-intent popup will appear asking them to subscribe to your newsletter. This is the perfect time to ask them, since they've already gotten a ton of value from your website.

You can learn more about what makes Polite Popup different and what it considers to be "polite behavior" from the official website: https://www.politepop.com/

I added support for ConvertKit because that's what I use for all my websites ✌️If you want to use it with your ConvertKit forms, just follow the instructions in this tutorial video.

Feel free to reach out here or on Twitter if you have any questions!