In ConvertKit Commerce: is there a way to direct customers to another Thank You page?


I use WebinarJam and EverWebinar to host workshops. People purchase tickets to these workshops on ConvertKit.

In order to be able to sell on-demand replays, I need to be able to have registrants direct to an EverWebinar Thank You page. (see screenshot)

EverWebinar calls this a "Post-Payment Redirect URL" This is from their documentation:

"Finally, copy the 'Post-Payment Redirect URL' and set it as your Thank You (or Success) page inside your 3rd-party checkout platform configuration. Therefore, once the visitor has successfully submitted the payment, your 3rd-party payment processor will redirect them back to the post-payment registration page (shown below) so they can finally complete their webinar registration."

Is this possible with CK?

Thanks so much!