Hey CK fam,

I’m often working in the health & wellness niche (content marketing helper) and I recently connected with this guy. He practices Tai Chi under a Tai Chi Master as well as inheritor of the 15th generation of the Wudang monastery traditions (= monk) in the Wudang Mountains (which are by the way the birthplace of Tai Chi).

Now, the interesting part is that he helped his Master to start this online academy and after around 5 months of launching, they already have over 350 students! In my opinion, this academy is a pretty awesome idea because so many people around the world want to visit the Wudang Mountains to find balance and harmony in their lives and learn Tai Chi over there but it’s hard, especially during our times right now.

I thought it might be valuable for somebody’s audience here to collaborate with them? Well, usually, you also don’t get the chance to collaborate with the inheritor of such traditions too often, especially out of the comfort of your home 😄

Besides that, I think this could be a very interesting topic not only for health & wellness businesses but also in terms of building a business in the spiritual space, as this niche gets especially now with Corona a lot of demand.

They also have an affiliate program if you're into affiliate marketing.

So, if somebody has a Blog, YouTube channel, or Podcast and your audience could find value in such a topic, hit me up and I can connect you with them :)