This is my boasting shelf. It is looking a little incomplete at the moment as some books are missing, but it still serves its purpose.

This bookshelf is in a room I don't use very often. So, some days, I go in there simply to stand and look at my Boasting Shelf. I remind myself of what I have achieved. So, yes, I call it my Boasting Shelf, but I never take other people in there to look at my books, and say 'Look at me. Look at me!'

No, it's just for me. For those days when I am feeling down, when I am in danger of stopping believing in myself. For those days when I think I can't do it anymore.

Look at all those books you've written. Of course you can write another book. Look at how many times you've done this before.

And I feel better.

Do you have a boasting shelf?

I hope so. I think everyone needs a boasting shelf.

Tell me about it in the comments.

And post photographs!