My FB Account got Blocked for using Pixel on CK Landing Page

FB Pixel tracks conversions on Landing Page (for all types of campaigns)

CK does not allow to track LANDING Page Conversions. Only Tracks Pageviews.

FB Pixel throws a Violation Error when unable to match First Name Data from CK Landing Page.

CK First Name is written as: First_name
FB wants: First Name

This is shown as an error from What I have understood.

As per the Support Team:
Upon checking, our built-in FB tracking only allows for pageview tracking on the landing page. It does not do conversion tracking, according to our lead designer.

For something like this, I suggest creating your own/customized website to place a tracking pixel on your own/customized thank you page. I know the feature that we have is minimal to perform such actions

As of now, the tech team is working on a solution for us BUT truth remains the AD account got blocked because of CK's Landing Page Error - Helpless!

WAITING for a solution from the senior Tech team as of now

This will be affecting many many CK users.

So felt I should ALERT everyone.
Hope this helps.