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Ok, as I scrolled down- I went to answer some people and there was no way I was able to do that.....I know this platform is new to us and all but should we be adding a quick post, question, or discussion to get replies from one another? Hoping Question implies an answer is requested or welcomed, and discussion allows well discussion to take place.....Quick post may not be allowing responses....FYI- I am a responder- not the EMT responder, although had to learn basic first aid in the Army! LOL!

Where am I?

In Community at ConvertKit you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Paris Hansch
Paris Hansch

I think they’re more or less the same action, the software is just splitting it up so that say commenting hi is worth less than someone giving a detailed answer. And also for organizational purposes. 

Maliha Mannan
Maliha Mannan

Once you click on a post, it should open up (as a new page on the same window), and then, depending on which format the original poster first created the post, you will be able to "Answer" or "Reply" of just add your comment. For example, in this thread you just posted, I am using the "Reply" option to respond to your discussion thread.