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Ok, I just went ahead and made 4 landing plan is to make up a flyer with QR codes and go around to vet offices and shelters- possible the VA to get fellow veterans to check out my stuff- I have two FREE offers- and two paid offers with the Landing Pages! I am thinking of making a flyer with one of the paid courses- for FREE to offer to veterans and their dogs or if they just want to try it out on their own to start a Yoga instead of Doga practice?!?!?! Suggestions?

Where am I?

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Jeana Acosta
Jeana Acosta

Hey Pamela. Those are great places to start. For the challenge, ConvertKit is only looking at one landing page. I'm afraid you would be selling yourself short for the contest. I might be wrong though. I do like where you are going with it for the long haul, because your four different offers are going to appeal to different people. ConvertKit will look at your one that does the best for the contest. I almost think I would just use one of the free ones and after the contest launch the others, but I'm a newbie, so who knows. Maybe it is better to put them all out there. LOL! Yep I was absolutely no help for your suggestions question.