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OK in trying to grow my blog....and knowing HEY I do not know everything- I got that and had that for some time now, LOL! I am taking a blogging class called Intentional blog with Jeff Goins- In one of his modules, he talks about Mindset! Now we have to have the right mindset to do this- and this can apply to the Landing Page challenge- I think there are a lot of Bloggers or newbie bloggers out there! Duh duh duh.....I'm about to bear my soul out there- like Jeff who mentioned in his course he was blogging for 8 years before seeing the results he has now.....he had 100 blog readers or so for those 8 years then after he changed his mindset he has what was the number 100,000 blog readers. WOW! I admit I am one of his followers. Ok, so I decided I needed to start from the beginning of the course- I never finished it....and honestly could have taken the action steps more to heart or some of them......I will be applying the course to this challenge as well.....YIKES! Anyway, may I suggest a few things to change your mindset on things? First as Jeff said look at other people and don't be envious or jealous of them- ask what is it that they are doing that I am not doing? Two, Be humble and know and accept you don't know it all! And three, be willing to try new things. And Four- Ask the right questions! ( This is honestly something I struggle with - LONG STORY!- although no question is stupid- you need to ask the right question to get the answer you want from someone- ex: If you want to know what color someone's eyes are- ask them what color are your eyes? NOT what color is your hair? Sorry- the example just came out of the sky- and fit I think! Think about and know the answer for you to this: WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE AND HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ACHIEVE IT?

Where am I?

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Paris Hansch
Paris Hansch

Yes, the comparison game is something pretty much everyone struggles with from time to time when the only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself. But, it helps to think of people as potential allies not competitors. Also agree with the other things!

Especially on asking the right questions... a lot of people ask me for advice and they ask me the most basic and broad questions ever. It’s my belief that other people aren’t your personal googlers, I’m willing to help but you gotta be far more specific and targeted with your questions and not only will I be able to help more, but I can see you’re worth investing more of my time in because you made effort, and it’s really only the people who take action who will succeed. 


Hi Pamela, most def! There is always more to learn and it basically never ends :) But the more you learn, the more results you will yield, which is extremly fun and rewarding! Especially when running a blog!