It's that time of the week again... 

Let's celebrate the week and all of the creators that made it awesome! (Hint: that's you.) 

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Let's celebrate some awesome creators from our community. 

I love to choose a few amazing creators from this community each week and celebrate them because truly, at the end of the day, supporting and celebrating one another is what counts the very most. Let's do it! 

  • @Jasmine Fox continues to be such an amazing presence in our community. She was kind enough to hop on a quick call with me this week, and gave some fantastic feedback about how we can improve the community and make it even better. Jasmine is a jewel in this community, and if you haven't followed her yet, you should! 
  • @Melissa @ Pocket Homeschool shared a podcast she was on this last week, and it's awesome! Supporting creators and their ideas and business needs, this podcast will be a super helpful listen for you. You can find Melissa's post here which includes the link to the episode.  Enjoy and leave a comment on that thread with your thoughts and takeaways! 
  • @Aaron Hockley continues to be an incredible support here in the community. He has faithfully answered questions of all kinds each week, and encourages creators here with best practices and creative ideas when they need them. Love having Aaron as a part of our community! 

Our Writer's Mastermind challenge is going strong. 

Anyone have an office space that looks this awesome?!
Anyone have an office space that looks this awesome?!

I have to give a big shout-out to all of my writer mastermind buddies who are crushing our February writing challenge! @Nathan Lowell @Anne Marie Gazzolo @Jasmine Fox @mdoc @John Todorovic @Paul @neona (Kayla Marie Quinn) you are all doing an amazing job! 

One of my favorite things each day is to log into the community, and check in with these amazing creators. This is what community is all about right here! 

Now it's your turn 

What's something you would like to celebrate from the week? We want to cheer you on, so share one thing you accomplished or that you're proud of in the thread. 

See you in the comments!