It's time once again for another edition of the Friday Digest! 

Let's do this. 

Week Summary

  • We had our first Monday discussion thread live in the Cafe, and chatted about creator platforms. We're doing it again this Monday, at 10a Mountain | 12p Eastern, so be sure to join us! This time, we're talking about motivation as a creator. Bring your thoughts, your comments, and your favorite beverage. (This is a live thread discussion, so no camera ready makeup required.) 
  • Notifications have been updated here in the community, and you can now set preferences to be notified for topics and groups that you follow! Be sure to click on your profile > account settings, turn on the general notification button at the top, and then specify to be notified of both topics you follow, and groups you belong to. This will help your notifications to be simplified to just what you want to see!
  • The Growth Accelerator has begun! If you're ready to push on the gas for your list growth, there's still time to join and get caught up on the assignments. Head over to your Groups tab, and click to join The Growth Accelerator!

Creator Spotlight

Now It's Your Turn

What would you like to celebrate from the week? Share your celebration in the thread so that we can all do the happy dance with you! You can also include how you're planning to enjoy the weekend. 

See you in the comments!