Happy Friday, Everyone! 

It's time to celebrate the week, and everything the creators of this community are accomplishing.

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We'll be announcing the winners of the Grow Your Audience Challenge soon. 

So many of you (more than 14,000 creators!) participated in this year's Grow Your Audience challenge, and we know you're ready to find out the winners of the 18 prizes. We're working hard behind the scenes to be able to announce our winners soon, so hang tight while we review all of the amazing landing pages that were created, including yours! 

Better together 

The members of our community writers mastermind are challenging themselves to write every day for the entire month of February. The challenge itself is going so well for everyone, and beyond that, I just love getting to chat with all of our writers every single day. You are all amazing!

If you're a writer in our community, and you've been looking to connect with other creators like you, you can request to join our mastermind right here

Today's Creator Session will be epic 

Where are all of my 90's kids?! Today's Creator Session is with Mandy Moore and you don't want to miss it. 

After a 10 year hiatus from the music industry, Mandy is back with a brand new album, which she'll be performing on Creator Sessions TODAY. You can watch it right here in the community! 

Celebrating a new community guru today 

Today I want to give a special shout-out to one of our newer community gurus- @Jasmine Fox!

Jasmine joined our community about 5 weeks ago and since then has contributed in amazing ways by jumping right and offering support, sharing tips, and spreading some fun wherever she goes. She participated in the GYA challenge and is now participating in our writers challenge. 

Her tips for broadcasts and templates is awesome. 

Thanks for being such a big part of the community, Jasmine! 

What are you up to this weekend? 

Part of being a successful creator is resting and scheduling in some fun! What's one thing you're doing this weekend that's just for you? Post in the comments!