Today is the day! 

We are launching our first ever Content Accelerator program, which will run the entire month of May, as we work through consistently growing our content, and build a newsletter. 

Be sure to follow the tag Content Accelerator for updates in this group!

By the end of this 4 week program, you will have created a newsletter landing page, a free newsletter, and a plan to carry you forward, continuing to create consistent content for YOUR audience. 

Are you ready to begin this 4-week journey toward reaching your audience consistently, building engagement, and launching your first newsletter? 


This group is here to help support you, encourage you, and keep you going on the days when it feels tough. We’re all in this together, so post your questions, frustrations, and celebrations here over the next 4 weeks. 

Each week, I’ll post assignments on Monday, and pin them to the top of the group so they’re easy to find. There are prompts for you during the week to post in the community and connect with one another. Be sure to do them! The power of connecting in community creates more successful momentum than if you simply try to work on everything by yourself. We are more successful together! 

Week 1: Gather your content & set up a writing schedule

Assignments (Mon-Wed)

  1. Read 5 Ways To Set Business Goals &   8 Newsletter Examples to get your feet wet
  2. Determine your north star goal (main goal) for the next 4 weeks (hint: launch a newsletter?)
  3. Determine 2-3 supporting goals
  4. Gather all of your best content from your blog, your old emails, social posts, etc
    • Do you have a theme or subject that you often write about?
    • What do you most love to teach your audience?
    • Compile any themes, subjects you love, and anything else you feel should be included into a list for reference (hint: this will likely become your niche!)
  5. Post in the community group
    • What are you most excited about with this course? Share your goal!
    • Where do you feel the most resistance? How will you overcome it to reach your goals?

Assignments (Thurs-Fri)

  1. Read  Daily Habits
  2. Create a writing time block for a minimum of 5 days/week
    • Set the same timeframe for each day & block it out on your calendar
      • Set an alarm on your mobile device to help you remember
    • Set a goal of how many words you will aim to write each day
    • Keep a running tally of each day that you are successful
      • Track both your success in making time to write as well as the amount of words you create. Both are important, and if you only hit one of the two, make it that you got your writing habit done and not about the word count!