During the month of May, creators who participated in the Paid Newsletter Challenge earned a total of $4,793 with our top participant earning more than $1,200. This is especially worth celebrating because all of the earnings are recurring income.ย 

Creators- youโ€™re putting your work out into the world and itโ€™s paying off!ย 

Thatโ€™s not all, however.ย 

On top of their new recurring income, we paid out cash bonuses to several creators who brought in at least $100 in sales!ย 

Congratulations to all of our challenge participants for your hard work, relentless effort, and also for the continued earnings youโ€™ll continue to see from those paid newsletter subscriptions. Let this be just the beginning as you work toward your goals.

Now it's your turn to celebrate.

If you participated in the Paid Newsletter Challenge -OR- the Content Accelerator during the month of May, what are YOU celebrating today?ย 

Drop your celebration(s) in the thread and let's all continue supporting one another, and cheering on each other as we work and grow together to build a bigger, better creator industry!