Afternoon all - lately I have seen some strange analytics on my weekly newsletters. You might be experiencing it too?

I know that the open rate metric has been eroded by Apple’s privacy changes.

But I am also doubting the recommendation to:

Start to rely more heavily on other email marketing metrics to measure success. For example, clicks will become a much better indicator of subscriber engagement and the performance of your email.

From @alyssa  here 

I look at the click rate for my weekly newsletter and it is all over the place. My latest issue received a 10% click rate in seconds! That is a network system testing the links.

You can also see it when you look at the open rate breakdown and see all the links that have been opened. It is not engagement it is a network system checking what is coming in.

I can't rely on the open rate OR the click rate. Neither is an accurate signal of engagement, the success of a link or my newsletter's performance.

Strangely enough, the two most reliable metrics are that someone subscribed and that someone unsubscribed!

I have seen this skewing open-rate behaviour for well over a year now - long before joining convertkit. (Happy to accept it may be something to do with my list, an idiosyncrasy, and this may be a signal of poor list health.)

Some of the ideas I am going to continue with and rely on more:

  • Email replies are a key signal of connection and reader engagement. I am going to continue to ask for replies directly.
  • Worry less about the metrics mess - just keep creating.
  • Embed forms and surveys to learn more about readers and gather info.

I am sure you agree, we want a trustworthy action and subsequent signal that indicates a connection with our audience. I am frustrated that technology is obscuring my connections.

Let's share some ideas and support each other to mitigate this. What is working for you?